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This is by far my favorite historical item that I own!

It was extremely well packaged and had the fastest shipping I've ever seen.

It's an honor to have an Apple product signed by Woz! It will be cherished for many generations.

David From Tennessee - 8/16

Hey There!

My wife Stephanie is a DIE HARD Apple fanatic, has been since long before the iPod and iPhone made it cool again, she even has an Apple tattoo. We got a custom signed 5 1/4" floppy (where you still get them I will never know) for Christmas and it looks AMAZING! Well packed, expeditiously signed and sent, along with a certificate of authenticity. This is an amazing service, more purchases will follow after I blow her mind this Christmas with an inconceivably awesome gift. THANK YOU!

Steve - 12/13


My plan was to bring back a personalized photo to my dad back home in Montreal on my trip there, have it framed, and get a picture of him with it. I finally came back home and gifted my father with the photo he was completely surprised by it and as you can see he loves it. :)

Take care,

Michael - 3/13

Here's My Story and a picture shoot today:


I'm very happy, I feel very pleased by your service, It just arrived to my home and the package was in excellent conditions, it is the iWoz softcover signed by Woz, with my name on it =) , It step through several customs, airplane, delivery trucks and motorcycles, from San Jose, CA to Chihuahua, Mexico, And it was very protected when I unpacked it, I can't wait to start and get into Woz story, start reading from the signed page until the end, I will definitely continue thinking differently with the help of Woz's anecdotes.

Alan Garcia from Mexico - 5/13

I have to say I'm very satisfied to receive my autograph pic! By Mr.Woz beautiful 10 by 8 Hi resolution Pic. Extremely Fast Shipping! Will be ordering more pic! Thank U!

Jorge from Florida - 3/13

Being of an age where I can recall the advent of home and hobbyist computing I feel fortunate to be able to look back on a period and appreciate and admire what the pioneers of the age achieved and the industry they created. To now own a schematic of a machine that will forever be ingrained in computing history signed by the person that created it fills me with immense pleasure and nostalgia. On a more practical note it was delivered quicker than anything else I've shipped from the US, the packaging was bulletproof and no unforeseen shipping/admin charges added by UK carriers.

Paul from the United Kingdom - 3/13

I have been a big fan of Steve Wozniak for most of my life. I was thrilled to have found SignedByWoz.com and purchased quite a few things from them. EVERYTHING came quickly, efficiently and well packaged. The package was BOMB PROOF it was so well packaged! These guys are the real deal and I will be ordering from them again soon! Woz is my hero and so is SignedByWoz.com!

Ashley from North Carolina - 2/13

Thank You for your excellent service. Received my book and picture in perfect condition. I appreciate the special care taken with the packaging of the items and for the expeditious shipment.

Brian from California - 2/13

Have been following the two Steve's since 1980. I'm still the proud owner of an Apple ][ and //e. Was a great pleasure to gain a Woz signed item. Something for my kids for the future, with a story to inspire them! Thanks again for the fast and well packed item.

Duncan from the United Kingdom - 1/13

In the early 80's, I met a fellow writer who was using an Apple computer while the rest of us were trying to figure out DOS commands. Her enthusiasm for everything Apple has never wavered. Long story short, we got married and raised a family of Apple-using kids. We recently cleaned out our garage and found her very first Apple personal computer from 1984, sealed in a box. I thought it would be a cool Christmas gift if Steve Wozniak would sign it to her. I was thrilled to find SignedByWoz.com and they came through exactly as promised. She flipped when she saw it and we're now putting it in a lucite case to be proudly displayed in her office. If you want to get somebody a truly one-of-a-kind gift (and look like a thoughtful spouse while you do it), definitely check out SignedByWoz.com They're awesome!

Mike from California - 1/13

Great service, Delivery to the UK Excellent. I ordered the Woz and Steve Black & White Picture. Signed from the co-founder of Apple. It's a Great Christmas present for me.

Willow from the United Kingdom - 1/13

Thank you for offering a wonderful item for people who are otherwise impossible to shop for. In 20 years I have been unable to find a perfect & unique gift that my husband (a computer geek) would love ... thanks to you, I finally did & he thinks this is the coolest thing he's ever seen. The quality is great, shipping is super-fast, & the price is right, too. I highly recommend!

Elizabeth from Texas - 12/12

Very happy with my signed 8x10 personalized photo. Arrived very well packaged and looks awesome! Thanks so much!

Brian from Texas - 12/12

"SignedByWoz.com" is revolutionizing autographs by directly connecting amazing products of Steve Wozniak with the actual Steve Wozniak for an-autograph-on-purchase delivery instead of an autograph on-travel or at-a-convention-basis. With the exceptional service and the certificate that is included with the purchase, this is the real deal! The autobiography, "iWoz" came in great shape and the autograph, crisp and clear. This purchase was for my older brother who, if it wasn't for the first Apple computers leading up to today's, would probably not be in the same field of computer engineering that he has been in, and in his job at Zynga. I am looking forward to the look on his face. Thank you SignedByWoz.com and Mr. Wozniak!

Adam from Washington State - 12/12

For a computer geek it's a honour to have a book written and signed by the most important person in the history of the modern computer technology. Apple spirit lives around the world and between the ages.

Mikhail from Russia - 12/12

Awesome, very pleased. Wrapped and presented very well. Thank you.

Ken from Alabama - 12/12

I cannot thank SignedByWoz.com and Woz himself enough for taking the time to sign this Apple I schematic! It arrived in perfect condition, and will serve as a great source of inspiration! Thanks again!

Matt from Florida - 12/12

I am a Mac user from 25 years ago and LC 475 was invented by Steve Wozniak. Apple always! I love it!

Ubaldo from Spain - 11/12

Apparently my family received it a while ago but they just now gave it to me. Thanks! I'll be hanging it in my office here at Microsoft ;)

Michael from Texas - 10/12

I couldn't be happier with my signed photo. Not only does it look great in my home office but it's a living piece of history I'll cherish for the rest of my life. A must for any iFan.

John from Texas - 10/12

Finally the day has come I surprised my friend Lubos with the special present from SignedByWoz.com.

His reaction was "You are kidding me" :-))). And I can say, he was very very happy. Now he is collecting components to build his own Apple 1 computer at home using the scheme signed by Woz :-). I thank Mr. Wozniak too - for his kind words he added to his signature.

We have small internet company here and whenever we have some tough time, we take inspiration, energy and strength from the story of "two guys and their beginnings in the garage" :-))).

The words he wrote will keep my friend dream and go on even when some harder days appear.

As I am big fan of Apple, Steve Jobs and Mr. Wozniak too, I keep the signed disk - and the photo you have sent me as a gift. I am so proud to have these things here. It is like to be able to touch the important and exciting part of the history.

I really appreciate your attitude, clear communication and prompt reactions. You are very kind and caring. Thank you.

Veronika from Slovakia - 9/12

My name is Steven and I'm a big apple fan. I'm greatly satisfied to get an original hand signed Steve Wozniak book. The book was packaged very well and it arrived fast. Thank You!

Steve from Pennsylvania - 9/12

I had the great pleasure of attending Steve Wozniak's Perth Seminar earlier this year. I wonder what personal computing would be like now if Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs hadn't started Apple back in the 1970s? I was very happy to have "The Woz" personally sign my photo taken with him, and also a hardcover iWoz book. Thank you for the fast and efficient delivery service!

Kirsten from Australia - 9/12

The great genius Woz is a really important part of computer history. I'm glad to get a signed book. For me - this book is a big treasure. Many, many thanks for this perfect service.

Holger from Germany - 8/12

The ordered photo it is very nice and signed by the legend! Well packaged, the picture arrived to me in perfect condition! I am very pleased with the personal service and fast communication! I recommend www.signedbywoz.com! I buy again soon :-)

Stefan from Germany - 8/12

I saw 'Pirates of Silicon Valley' right around the time I started writing software as a freshman in high school, and I immediately became interested in Steve Wozniak because of his jovial and innovative personality. Reading 'iWoz' reinforced this perception as I was able to relate many of his experiences to that of my own life. I was elated to see that I could own a piece of Woz memorabilia which now sits on my desk reminding me to produce innovative high quality software. SignedByWoz.com immediately shipped the photo, and it arrived within two days! I was also proud to see the photo was intentionally packaged within a USPS box so that mail person was unable to bend it while placing it in the mailbox. Thanks for everything!

Ryan from Arizona - 8/12

As an owner of an Apple ][+ since 1980, I was thrilled to have "The Woz" personalize my case with an autograph.

My Apple][+ still works and I fire it up to play the old games. This makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

Many thanks to the responsive staff at SignedByWoz.com. They provided me with the guidance and status through the process to ensure that my vintage hardware was shipped safely and received back in my possession in a timely manner.

I'll highly recommend SignedByWoz.com to my nerdy friends :-)

Bob from Texas - 8/12

I received my personalized copy of iWoz and could not be happier! The staff at SignedByWoz.com were incredibly helpful, and my book arrived much faster than I expected. It is truly an honor to have something signed to me by a person who developed technology that literally changed the world. Thanks so much!

Brett from Georgia - 8/12

I'm a big Apple fan since I bought my first iPod Nano. Of course Steve Jobs was the genius behind this product but the first Apple computer and many innovative technologies were developed by Woz. He is a cool and modest guy and Apple wouldn't exist without him or Jobs. The photo what I ordered shows Woz with the Apple ][ which was the first PC for everyone in 1977. That was a big step forward and I'm happy to holding a peace of history in my hands.

The quality of this glossy photo is great, so you get what you expect!

Alexander W. from Austria - 8/12

My name is Brayden and I am a big fan of Apple and Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, I had recently read the iWoz biography and wanted to own a piece of Apple itself, and from the man who co-founded it. I had mentioned the SignedByWoz.com website to my Mum and without my knowledge, she organized a signed floppy disk and signed photograph for my 15th birthday and had this framed. When I opened the gift I was so thrilled! It is a dream come true to own authentic Steve Wozniak merchandise and to have it signed is just the best feeling!. Mum couldn't speak highly enough about the SignedByWoz.com team. According to her, ordering was easy, delivery was very quick, the communication was excellent and the products are of the highest quality. Thank you so much to SignedByWoz.com and to Steve Wozniak for sharing part of the Apple experience.

Brayden from Australia - 7/12

A great collectors item became even more special with an autograph by the living legend "Woz". Thanx for making that possible.

Frederik from Germany - 7/12

I ordered a photo of Apple I signed by Woz. I am very pleased with the personal service and fast communication. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer support, super fast shipment, well packaged and expect me to buy again soon!

Stefan from Germany - 7/12

The ordered picture is very nice and signed by the legend! Well packaged, so the picture arrived in perfect condition! Top service, top communication and a very nice product! I recommend www.signedbywoz.com!

Christian from Germany - 7/12

My mighty mouse feels much better now she can slide on THE mouse pad signed by Woz... Really! Very fast delivery even for France, excellent customer service. If you're an apple addict you must have these pieces of collection in your office!

Alexandre from France - 7/12

In this world I have two heroes, both are called Steve. Can you imagine that feeling when you are holding book about your hero signed by second hero? I do, thanks to Steve Wozniak and SignedByWoz.com

Martin from Slovakia - 6/12

After I read the German edition of "iWOZ - Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How i invented the personal computer, co-founded Apple, and had fun doing it" I think that Stephen Gary Wozniak is a man of genius and I am very happy about the signed photos and the great service. Thanks again to SignedByWoz.com and Woz himself for making it possible!

Holger from Germany - 6/12

I ordered a signed copy of the APPLE-1 Operation Manual and the Schematic for the Apple-1! It was such a great feeling reading the Apple-1 Manual and realizing that this was one of the first personal computer manuals! Thank's WOZ and the team at SignedByWoz.com for making this reality.

Vasileios from Greece - 6/12

Woz is one of my heroes and the moment I found out I could get something signed and personalized by him through SignedByWoz.com, I couldn't fill out the order form quickly enough! Service was fast and courteous, the shipping was quick and very well-packaged, and of course the floppy disk I got signed is excellent. I'm elated with this, and can't wait to frame it. Couldn't be more pleased with the service provided!

Clint from North Carolina - 6/12

I'm Kyle, and I'm a huge Apple fan. I have an Apple IIc, and even want to work for Apple one day as a software developer. I stumbled upon SignedByWoz.com and noticed that I'd really enjoy owning at least one of their products. I ordered my photo on a Wednesday and received it on a Saturday! Very good service/shipping, and the entire experience is extremely friendly. I literally have no complaints. The photograph was packaged extremely safely too. It will look good above my iMac. Thank you!

Kyle from Ohio - 5/12

My name is David and I am a huge fan of Steve Wozniak. Everything was perfect, fast delivery, good communication with the emails, and now i have a perfect photo with very good quality, and of course, signed by Steve Wozniak. Thanks to SignedByWoz.com and Woz to make this possible.

David from Spain - 5/12

Thank you so much for your great service. I've received my order last week and I love it. It looks great on my wall. Also a big thanks to Mr. Wozniak for making fans happy. Kind regards from Switzerland!

Philipp from Switzerland - 5/12

My husband is a big computer geek (I say that lovingly) and he was absolutely thrilled to receive this personalized photo! It is definitely a great picture to have in his computer collection. He hopes to one day acquire an Apple 2 and send it in to be personalized. Here he is after he opened his photo. This is a great gift for anyone that is into computers!!

Jamie from New Jersey - 5/12

My boyfriend fell in love with the book iWoz after he had listened to the audio version on his phone. His birthday was coming up and I was going to order the book online. I was so excited to find SignedByWoz.com and I ordered a signed hard copy of the book that day. When I had questions about my order, customer service was amazing and kept in touch with me until I had the book in hand. The idea of giving my boyfriend the iWoz book for his birthday was enhanced thanks to signedbywoz.org. He was speechless when he opened it and could not believe it was signed! He said it was the best gift ever. Thank you SignedByWoz.com and I will be ordering something for the holidays!

Elaina from New York - 4/12

I was unaware of SignedByWoz.com until I happened to find it on the internet. Being an original Apple II user and long time fan, I bought the signed Apple 1 schematic. I was very happy with the communication from the "Signed By Woz" staff and with the promptness of the shipment. I was also impressed with the quality of the schematic and look forward to finding a suitable frame to hang it in my office. My only disappointment is that the website did offer an actual Apple 1 signed by Woz! Maybe next time... Thanks for the great service and the schematic!

N. Shah from Illinois - 4/12

My "Signed By Woz" experience started after reading iWoz. I was inspired to buy a signed copy of the Apple 1 schematic and I'm having it framed right now. The transaction was excellent. I'm very happy to have something signed by Woz.

Kyle from Michigan - 4/12

Thanks to the team at SignedByWoz.com for my signed Apple memorabilia and my Jobs and Wozniak photo. I love it so much and I look to it for inspiration everyday. I recommend SignedByWoz.com to all the Apple fans out there!

Julian from Australia - 3/12

Thank You, SignedByWoz.com for your professional customer service in regards to getting the "iWoz" books personalized by Mr. Wozniak for our small group of Woz and Apple loving fanboys. Your patience and help was second to none. You were truly a pleasure to deal with and we will be back!

Sandy from Canada - 3/12

I love having my G4 Cube signed by Woz--a one-of-a-kind engineering marvel signed by a one-of-a-kind engineering genius. I know Woz didn't design the Cube, but it's beautiful design is a testament to the legacy he crafted with the elegant simplicity of the Apple 1 and Apple II

Nathan from Kentucky - 3/12

I found SignedByWoz.com by chance. While I tend to have reservations for any unfamiliar site, I watched his welcome video and realized it's definitely his DNA to do this for his fans. I sent in the Steve Jobs biography to be signed. After some great and personal email exchanges, I received my book back, signed in under 2 weeks. Amazing. SignedByWoz.com is no longer an unfamiliar site and I no longer have any reservations. Great job!

Steven from New York - 3/12

I was delighted to receive my "Signed by Woz" photo recently. I have the B&W picture of the two Steve's with an early Apple prototype on the table in front of them. True to history, Woz is gazing at his incredible handy-work on the table, while Job's is looking at the camera - already the salesman and driver for all the incredible Apple products and services that are to come.

The photo is important to me. I was at a Hi-Fi show at The Sheraton Hotel in Portland, Oregon back in 1976 or 7. Each vendor had a room displaying their audio systems. A friend of mine from Reed College was even there with a display. I remember going into one room and there were two guys passing out literature for their new company: Apple Computer. I took a pamphlet home to my Dad and we mused over the concept of a home computer. I often wondered if those guys were Woz and Jobs. I love a mystery, but still curious... This picture reminds me of that event, whoever they were.

Randy from Oregon - 3/12

While I was searching the Internet for some vintage Apple memorabilia to display in my office, I came across SignedByWoz.com and I would have never imagined that a site like that existed! I was amazed at the variety of products and photos signed by Woz. The easy part was deciding that I was going to purchase something from the site but the hard part was deciding on which product to purchase. After about a week, I decided to go with the picture of the inside of the Apple I and I am still very pleased with that decision. Since I live in Pennsylvania, I was a little worried that the picture might be damaged while it was being shipped across the country. However, the photo arrived in absolutely perfect condition due to the care that was used when preparing my purchase to be shipped. My experience with SignedByWoz.com could not have been any better and I'm sure that I will make another purchase from this site in the future! This is one of the best sites for true Apple fans! Thank you so much!

Jason from Pennsylvania - 3/12

Our signed Apple 1 Schematic arrived fast and in perfect condition. We will proudly display this unique and inspiring item in our new office. Our company develops iPhone apps, so this is a great conversation piece that is sure to inspire innovation and remind our team to "Think Different.

Eric from Pennsylvania - 3/12

As a 3 decade enthusiast of Apple's groundbreaking computers & devices, (starting with my 1982 2nd Grade introduction to computers on an Apple ][+), I long have considered Mr. Steve Wozniak the true heart & soul of Apple Inc.

"The Woz", as his worldwide fans warmly have come to refer to him, is the creative engineering genius who literally designed himself the 1st Apple Computer, when nothing like it ever had existed!

A kind, funny, philanthropic man with a diversity of interests, The Woz never has lost his devilish spirit & excitement to tinker with & improve upon new electronics he invents, & those introduced by others around the world, (considered through his proven-successful eye for the Computer Industry's most creative & useful next major electronic devices to be released to everyone).

Given The Woz's stature as, perhaps, the most famous living pioneer of the computer industry & Apple's greatest living celebrity, I was amazed & excited when I discovered the SignedByWoz.com Web site through which anyone can order both products pre-signed by The Woz, & even mail in their own Item(s) (Apple or otherwise) which The Woz graciously will sign for a modest fee (sent to charity). The fee is payable easily & securely through one's regular PayPal Account.

I e-mailed SignedByWoz.com & received rapid approval to mail in my Apple Computer Cover for the genuine signature of its creator!

The process was easy & pleasant from start to finish, proceeding like clockwork according to the time schedule they originally had posted on the SignedByWoz.com Web site.

Trumped only by the days when the mail carrier was about to deliver my college application decision letters, the U.S.P.S. delivery to me of my now Genuinely-Woz-Signed Apple Computer Cover (autographed, to my delight, in clear, crisp permanent marker by Mr. Wozniak) is the most exciting delivery I ever have received in the mail!

Upon opening the box shipped back to me by SignedByWoz.com, & actually seeing & being able to touch Mr. Wozniak's genuine signature written on my own personal computer case, I felt a deeply moving sense of personal connection to one of the most important, ingenious visionaries & inventors in recent decades. A person whose achievements have made indispensable contributions to enabling & shaping the entire consumer computer & technology industry as we know it today.

Seeing The Woz's signature in front of me while I work on my computer inspires me & spurs me on in my own work to think outside the box, & to devote that extra effort to produce extraordinary work in whatever I'm doing.

I look forward to keeping in my family my Woz signed computer for decades to come, & one day to sharing with my children this computer that changed the world, is part of the Apple II computer family which includes the 1st computer I ever used, & personally was signed by its inventor!

I highly recommend that you too seize this rare opportunity that can't last forever, to choose from Item(s) or to send in Item(s) to SignedByWoz.com, so that you too may experience this excitement, joy, & inspiration from personal ownership of a genuine piece of history!

Jeremy from New York - 3/12

I appreciate very much that a charismatic person like Woz can offer this opportunity to his supporters. The service is really serious and profesional. All my questions were kindly answered!. The book was carefully packaged to protect it perfectly for a long trip to Spain. Thanks to SignedByWoz.com, I don't consider myself a sentimental person but it was really emotional the moment when I opened the book and saw Woz's signature. I learned electronics when I was a child from a James Sather book, since then I admire and appreciate the work of Woz. Thanks for all!

Raul from Spain - 3/12

Great service for a great product! Thanks to SignedByWoz.com and Mr. Wozniak!

Jacques from Massachusetts - 3/12

I recently purchased four items from SignedByWoz.com. High recommended for all Apple fans! The pleasure to have an item signed by Woz is unique. Fast delivery and high quality service. I'm sure I'll buy other items again in the next future.

Mattia from Italy - 3/12

Wonderful personalized photo - a great inspiration for the computer science student! Excellent prompt service- quick response when contacting the vendor for details and shipping information. Packed securely and arrived early. Highly recommend this product.

Karen from California - 3/12

I just finished reading Steve Jobs and iWoz, both books brought me back to my youth. I remember my TRS-80 color computer, tape cassette "drive", Atari, and Pong. After doing a web search of Steve Wozniak, I came across SignedByWoz.com, wow! Seeing the signed Apple bus mouse #2 I just had to get it. Actually, I had to get two, one for me and another for a good friend, a bigger Apple fan. I placed my order on Monday and it arrived by Friday. You can't ask for better service than that. That day I went out and purchased shadow boxes for each mouse. Mine looks great sitting on my desk. Now I have to wait four weeks before I can see my friends reaction when he opens his as a gift. I can't wait.

Brian from New Hampshire - 2/12

My Apple 1 schematic signed by Woz is displayed proudly in my "man cave" where I'm currently doing some retro-computing on a replica of the Apple 1. It arrived quickly and was amazingly well packaged. It's a real thrill to have a personal connection with one of the pioneers of the computer industry.

Jeff from Canada - 2/12

When I started High School, the first computer that I used was an Apple Macintosh Classic II, I was astonished with the graphics (coming from a very old x286 with D.O.S. I used in Junior High School, it was something amazing) and fell in love since then. Having a photo signed by Woz is something I always wanted because he is an inspiring person. I also ordered the Apple I Schematic, everything arrived in excellent condition.

Mario from Mexico - 1/12

My dad started teaching me how to use an Apple computer when I was 3 years old, and he and I have used them ever since. I know he is going to love his signed Apple floppy disk. The disk, and the photo for myself, look great and arrived quickly in perfect condition. Great service, great gift!

Nick from Iowa - 1/12

Well what can I say. The book arrived with so much packaging around it that I've made a small but serviceable shed in the back garden. The book is in excellent condition. The service I received from SignedByWoz.com was second to none. Having used macs for nearly all of my working life it's nice to know about the two guys who made the dream a reality.

Gary from the United Kingdom - 1/12

I have bought two items from SignedByWoz.com on different occasions. The products are great. As an ex-apple employee I am very proud to exhibit this fine items in my office. They are a perfect conversation item and for sure a piece of history. It is great to have Woz with us.

Juan Carlos Esparza from Mexico - 1/12

As an engineer by trade and a computer geek at heart, my autographed Apple I schematic looks great in my office. Not only was I impressed with the schematic print (its better than what the photo shows), but the care and customer support from SignedByWoz.com is second to none. From the speed in processing of my order to the care taken in insuring my purchased arrived safely, I am impressed.

Matt from Nebraska - 1/12

Thank you very much for the good and friendly service. My signed copy of iWoz arrived in perfect condition.

Sjoerd from the Netherlands - 1/12

It's an amazing feeling to possess something that has been signed from Steve!! Great work guys!! Keep on the good job!

Leonidas from Greece - 1/12

My husband is a huge Steve Wozniak fan, and was absolutely delighted to get an Apple 1 Schematic signed by Woz. Best Christmas gift ever. He actually "squee"ed. It will go in a place of pride on his computer repair desk. Although now I'm afraid he might actually try to follow it. From a practical standpoint, SignedByWoz.com did a great job of keeping me up-to-date on the shipment and it arrived in perfect condition, packaged to withstand the elements, just in time to get it under the tree. Thank-you!

Amy from Minnesota - 1/12

This is a very rare opportunity that any technology enthusiast should grab. You can have the object of your choice signed by a pioneer of the information age and the whole process is very well executed. You are informed on the status of your order, the shipping is flawless and the price is very low.

Dominique from Switzerland - 1/12

My daughter gave me a signed copy of iWoz for Christmas this year. I have always been a huge fan of Woz. He is the one to set an example for others to follow. A prime example of what others can accomplish with dedication and a love driven passion sprinkled with great sense of humor. A heart of gold and compassion unmatched. He is my personal hero and always has been. I was very blessed to work at the only office supply store in our local town back in the day and remember the day we received the Apple II computers in the store, it was an exciting day for all. Then later I was able to be one of the first to work on the little Mac Classic in the graphics department using a small program called MacDraw and Adobe Freehand. I accomplished great things with zero training and was able to save much money in materials and time. Back then we had no one to train us, we learned on our on and I can honestly say it was the easiest and most rewarding thing I have ever learned. I still have that little Mac Classic today. My children had a computer at home before most students at their elementary and middle schools had ever heard of a computer. I owe all of this to Woz...Thank you Woz for sharing your most interesting life with us and making us feel a part of it in so many ways....we have the same birthday too! Many thanks for many things!

I also want to add an additional note:

Being an office supply store we also had the Dos based computers for sale as well. They were quite complicated and the owner was sending the sales reps over to China for training. Lots of expenses but in order to sell the computers they had to know how to teach people to use them because no one knew otherwise so they wouldn't sell....NOT SO with the Apple II, that computer saved a lot of time and a lot of money for a lot of people and that still rings true today. We have too many Apple products in our home to mention. When we need any sort of computer equipment the first place we go is Apple. We run an online business (thanks to my early MacClassic trainning) and have been through so many cheap inferior external hard drives...finally purchased the Airport, what a great product! Thanks.

Suzanne from Mississippi - 1/12

One of my children ordered at very short notice some signed photos as a Christmas gift during my stay at US and before returning to Chile. Amazingly due to your fast response, they were received on time to share the experience with the family.

Omar from Chile - 1/12

I purchased a signed photo and the iWoz book. I gave the photo to my father, a Woz fan, for Christmas, he was very surprised and happy. I'm satisfied with the service. The staff of SignedByWoz.com is friendly and courteous. Thank you SignedByWoz.com and many thanks to Steve Wozniak!

Federico from Italy - 1/12

I remember the first time I opened a box of an Apple's product, I was blown away. The same feeling I experienced when I opened the package containing a book signed by one of the greatest technology pioneers of all time. Thank you guys at SignedByWoz.com causing this to be possible. You guys are the best! Even bigger thanks to Mr. Wozniak for allowing this amazing business to work!

Omer from Israel - 1/12

Thanks so much for the signed schematic. I was amazed at how fast it arrived and well it was packaged. My co-workers (engineers) will be extremely envious when they see this framed in my office. Make sure to thank Woz for me!

Dan from Canada - 1/12

My mother purchased the signed iWoz book for my birthday! One of the best gifts ever! I actually met Woz when I was a Segway Dealer in Atlanta, he rented units from me when he was in town. Woz is a great guy and I love the book! Thanks Woz and SignedByWoz.com

Paul from Georgia - 1/12

Steve Wozniak is not only an inspirational man he is also generous. I would like to thank him for signing the photo I received. The photo was well protected and shipped fast. This is something he does not have to do but being the kind man that he is Mr. Wozniak has made the time and allowed all of us to be a part of his life in some small way. I would also like to thank the people at SignedByWoz.com that made it possible for all of this to happen.

Ron from Kansas - 1/12

My son is very interested in computers, and when he received a signed copy of iWoz for Christmas, he was speechless! Thank you to the SignedByWoz.com team for such a great service and for getting the signed book to me just before Christmas!

Brian from the United Kingdom - 12/11

I have to say that everything that I ordered was perfect. I remember my expression at age 10 when I got a Christmas present from Santa it was the same feeling when I opened my perfectly wrapped books signed by Woz. I cannot be happier and your staff is most gracious.

Bob from Mississippi - 12/11

Today I received the third order I have placed with SignedByWoz.com since finding out about it and I couldn't be happier. The customer service was dedicated, my transaction was secure, speedy and trustworthy -- in short, I can't think of a better way to get an authenticated signature by such an iconic figure. It's truly an opportunity too good to pass up. Thanks for bringing the Woz to the masses!

Ray from Mexico - 12/11

Back in 1979, I received an Apple II, from those two Steve's in California. Today, I received a book about one Steve, signed by the other Steve. With a personal message: "To Michael, one of our early adopters. Woz." I am speechless, yet I'm SO excited! Thank you, Woz! Thank you, team at SignedByWoz.com! Of course I will order more in the future.

Michael from Germany - 12/11

I was so excited to receive the autographed floppy disks and photo today! All the items look amazing and were packaged extremely well. I can't wait to see the reaction when my dad sees this! Thank you to the SignedByWoz.com team and to Woz himself for offering this great service!

Jonathan from New Hampshire - 12/11

I was amazed how fast, dedicated and friendly the customer service was. I sent my own copy of the Steve Jobs book to be signed by Woz and it arrived back just before Christmas, the perfect gift for me. Thanks Woz and SignedByWoz.com!

Dimitri from Finland - 12/11

I ordered the Apple High Density Disk as a Christmas gift to myself. It was packaged in a whole bunch of envelopes like a Matryoshka doll lol. Very quick delivery as well, just 2-days! Thanks, It's an awesome piece of tech-memorabilia!

Ben from Alabama - 12/11

Today I received my signed copy of iWoz, and I couldn't believe how much effort they had put in the packaging! Steve Wozniak is in icon and the book is just amazing! I bumped into this site by chance! I would definitely recommend, SignedByWoz.com to my friends & family and anyone out there! Their customer service is without doubt the best, they reply to any emails straightaway even in this busy Christmas period! I will definitely be buying more stuff from this site!

Tariq from England - 12/11

I am a tech geek and Woz is one of my heroes. Hence I had to get something signed by Steve Wozniak. It was an excellent buying experience on this site and definitely appreciate the prompt communication I received. Awesome packaging to ensure the products arrive without any damage. Amazing in one word. Will order some more in the future.

Pranav from California - 12/11

The customer service was excellent and all of my questions were answered in a very timely manner. My card also arrived in very secure packaging. I will definitely order more in the future.

Winnie from North Carolina - 12/11

Received package today. It was wrapped perfectly. It was everything I hoped and more. Thanks very much and happy holidays.

Glenn from New York - 12/11

My husband is going to love this signed book! He and I use Mac computers to create our original illustrations and cartoons. Mr. Wozniak is a hero to us. Thanks for providing the perfect gift!

Carolyn from California - 12/11

I ordered the personalized schematic as a Christmas gift to myself. It was packaged very well and secured in a mailing tube. I am very impressed and can't wait to get it framed and added to my personal collection. I also read Steve's book, iWoz, and was fascinated and touched by his personal story.

Ken from Alabama - 12/11

I am so glad I found this website. We both sold Apple computers from 1984-1997 and have always used Apples. I came across this website and saw that they took in customer's items to get autographed. SignedByWoz.com is the greatest. If I had received as many emails as I sent them (thanks to the inefficient USPS), I would have thrown my computer out of the window. Every email was answered quickly and politely and the items came back very fast. The signatures are perfect and will be on display in our basement Apple "shrine". Thank you SignedByWoz.com and thank you Mr. Wozniak. Wait...that doesn't sound right. Thank you WOZ!

Diane from Michigan - 12/11

My father in law is going to love this! Great customer service. I sent an email question and it was answered within 2 hours. I'll be getting something for myself for sure. Fast shipping too.

Brandon from North Carolina - 12/11

I was a big fan of WOZ's and became an even bigger fan after reading IWOZ and the JOBS bio... I had heard about this site awhile back and decided it was time to treat myself to some WOZ memorabilia. I'm so glad I did! Ordering and receiving was easy and problem-free... I'll be back for more.

Charlie from California - 12/11

I came across this website from google when I was looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for my husband. He is a huge Apple fan for years. When I found the signed Apple I schematic, I KNEW I had found something that he'd love. I can't wait to see him open it on Christmas morning! The service and shipping were quick and the communication was great. In this stressful shopping season, it was a pleasure to deal with you!

Jess from Pennsylvania - 12/11

I have been a longtime user of the Mac and continue to stay devoted. Poking around the web one evening and discovered the SignedByWoz website. Saw what it was all about and knew I couldn't pass this up! Found an old photo I like and figured "why not?". The photo arrived quickly (within about a week!) and in pristine condition. Great customer service and overall experience. Thanks to everyone that makes this possible!

Travis from Iowa - 12/11

I found this website after tooling around on the web to find a book about Steve Woz. I've used Apple computers exclusively from the 1980s, beginning with the Apple II. Spurred on my husband's insistence that Woz is the true genius behind the Apple, I ordered the book as a Christmas present for my husband. Not only did the book arrive in a timely fashion, but it was professionally packed to avoid any damage. As I unwrapped each layer, I knew I was lucky to have found this site. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Liz from Virginia - 12/11

My dad took up programming in the 60s and was a "personal computer" skeptic for a long time. Steve Wozniak changed his mind. By the time I was born we had a computer of our own. Much of my childhood, from learning BASIC, to tweaking hardware, was built on the vision of the Woz. I was so exited to find SignedByWoz.com, and ordered a signed Apple I schematic for my dad. I can't wait to give it to him! Now let me tell you about service: When I first placed my order I accidentally submitted an old address through PayPal. After wondering where the schematic was for a while, I contacted them and we figured out what happened. They sent me another, and though I insisted on paying a little bit more, she offered to send another for just the shipping costs. The replacement arrived quickly, and now I have one of the most exciting gifts I have to give for the year! SignedByWoz offers service almost as legendary as Mr. Wozniak himself!

Jay from Ohio - 12/11

My husband thinks Woz is the man, so when I found SignedByWoz.com I was so excited. I bought him the red floppy disk signed by Woz, which I am going to frame along with its certificate of authenticity. He is going to geek-out when he sees it! Great value and even greater service. Thanks for making my man's Christmas!!!

Gia from Arizona - 12/11

The autographed Steve Jobs book arrived in perfect condition. Thanks also for the beautiful packaging job keeping the book safe. I have ordered several books now in a short time and I am impressed with the personal service and communication regarding each one. The product and service is outstanding and fast. I am so glad I ran across your site. My husband is going to be thrilled. He is an avid autographed book collector and Apple, Woz fan, as am I. This is one company that is at the top of my list. I will defiantly be doing more business with you! Thanks again for all the personal touches that make it a great experience!

Judith from Tennessee - 12/11

I received the book today in absolutely perfect condition - just as had been promised! The multiple layers of protection kept it safe and sound. I was glad to receive the email that it was on the way but I was astonished that the book was sent and received so quickly. This is truly great customer service. I would certainly buy again from SignedByWoz.com! Keep up the great work!

Tom from New York - 11/11

I was always serious with Apple computers. I was self taught how to use Apple computers. Amazing I could not get off from Apple World. While many people having trouble with other PCs I never have much trouble as they had experience with. I am glad there is many memories to carry on with and SignedByWoz.com helped me with some great products. I recently bought book of Steve Jobs signed by Woz. Service is great.

San from Canada - 11/11

I placed an order for a signed, hardcover copy of iWoz on SignedByWoz.com as a departmental birthday gift for my boss. I was worried that it wouldn't arrive in time as I ordered it less than 3 weeks before his birthday and know that shipping something from the USA to South Africa can some times take longer than that. I was very impressed to learn that it arrived at my post office 6 days later. I was even more impressed by the packaging - 6 layers in total (excluding the clear cellophane cover on the book itself)! I am very impressed with the great service provided by the good people at SignedByWoz.com.

Dieter from South Africa - 11/11

I ordered the signed iWoz book and I can't express how amazing is the service. A very fast delivery and a friendly customer service. I'd like to thank SignedByWoz.com and Mr. Wozniak for this prized item.

Jordi from Spain - 11/11

My daughter, who was born the same year as the Macintosh, had "something signed by Steve Wozniak" on her Christmas list. I thought that might be a challenge until I found your site. Thanks for being there. I also got something for my son, who was born the same year as the Apple IIc Plus.

Steve from California - 11/11

I ordered 3 books. One for myself and 2 as gifts. Fast shipping, the books were already covered nicely! Like what the website stated! Thank you!

Christine from the Philippines - 11/11

Fantastic service from SignedByWoz.com. I ordered the iWoz book, and it arrived a few days later here in South Africa. I was astonished at how well it was wrapped - my daughter and I were in hysterics opening the parcel. Every time we opened the packaging, there was further packaging. We counted a total of 7 different packages to open before we finally got to the book. The book also had a cover on it, for further protection. I was most impressed to see a certificate of authenticity inside the book....nice touch, and of course the autograph of Woz on the second page. I would absolutely deal with SignedByWoz.com again in the future. I wish all business was conducted in the professional manner, that they has shown. Their communication via email is also very quick, helpful and friendly. Thanks!

John from South Africa - 11/11

SignedByWoz.com - Thank you so much! My photo's arrived on the other side of the world (Australia), well packaged and in perfect condition less than two weeks after they were ordered. Personalized as well! I couldn't be happier and I look forward to making future purchases. Thanks again to SignedByWoz.com and Woz!

Steve from Australia - 11/11

The service offered by SignedByWoz.com is exceptional. I am very happy that they provided the opportunity for me to fulfill my longstanding wish to have my Macintosh signed by Woz himself.

Casey from California - 11/11

Every so often a good product is misrepresented because of a lack of enthusiasm by a third party but not you. You have brought closer to your customers the cheerfulness and caring-nature of Mr Woz through your service and handling of the merchandise. Great cheers to that.

Bill, Windslider from Singapore - 11/11

What a great site! I've been an Apple fan for as long as I can remember and a long time admirer of the amazing life and work of Woz. An item from SignedByWoz.com is just the best possible gift for any Apple fan, and several of my closest friends will be thrilled to see their signed memorabilia this Christmas (unless I keep them all for myself). Every item came with a certificate of authenticity, and the service was absolutely first rate - courteous throughout and my items arrived quickly and very well packaged. If you're looking for that special gift for the Apple nut in your life, look no further!

John from Pennsylvania - 11/11

Thank you so much! Amazingly fast delivery, exactly as described, and in perfect condition. This signed disk is truly a prized possession that I will be framing and hanging above my Mac.

Kirk from Illinois - 11/11

Getting a signed copy of iWoz through SignedByWoz was a great experience. The book came so well wrapped I felt like it was Christmas already! Thank you SignedByWoz.com and Woz for the unique service!

Jon from Nebraska - 11/11

We received the iWoz book, which was ordered as a gift for our son. It arrived in perfect condition because the packing was so well done! This site has great service and communication! Thank you for providing not only fast shipping, but also that personal touch!

Susan from New Jersey - 11/11

SignedByWoz.com did a beautiful job in getting the book signed by Mr. Wozniak--even though I wanted the signature in an unusual place-- right at the last paragraph, where Woz tells future engineers to stay inspired and keep dreaming. He personalized it there for my nephew that is studying to be an electrical engineer, with a "Read this, Kyle!!" so it is like Mr. Wozniak, the master, is speaking right to this fledgling engineer. The book was so thoroughly packaged that it arrived in absolutely pristine condition. This is going to make a really special Christmas gift. Thank you!! Thank You!!

Melanie from Ohio - 11/11

We just received our 2 copies of the iWoz book signed by Mr. Wozniak. We could not be happier. It is so exciting to not only read this book, but to have it autographed. The personnel at SignedbyWoz were wonderful. Thank you so much to Mr. Wozniak and to the staff at SignedbyWoz. We would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Dana & Rob from Rhode Island - 11/11

Thank you so much for the signed photo and the personal care. It will be a great contribution and it is going to be placed in a special place in the first Computer Historical Museum in Haifa, Israel, in the Apple dept. It's arrived very fast, in perfect condition and the website service was great.

Yariv Inbar-Curator, The Israeli Computers Historical Museum, Haifa, Israel - 11/11

Just want to give a big thank you for the recent items that I purchased for my ten year old son, he was so excited. All of your emails and shipping serves was exceptional.

Russ from California - 10/11

We ordered a signed iWoz book, and also asked to have it personalized for our Director, who is a big lover of Apple products and its history. It was done and we all are really happy: the signed book will be a big surprise to our Director for his coming celebration - better gift he could not expect! It is great to receive just what you ask and even more than you asked and imagine! Steve Wozniak is an ingenious person with very open soul and nice smile, his book is great, and SignedByWoz.com is a great service! Thank you so much for all of you!

Alex from Greece - 10/11

Thank you Woz and SignedByWoz for offering these great items. My son is a computer science and engineering student at university. A signed Apple 1 manual to him is like a bat signed by Babe Ruth to a baseball lover! I also appreciate your personal service and quick delivery.

John from California - 10/11

Everything arrived in pristine condition thanks to the extremely thorough packaging. The prices were reasonable and the service had a personal touch.

Russell from the United Kingdom - 10/11

Just received our Signed By Woz 'goodies' and we are so happy. These will be part of a Christmas present for our Apple enthusiast 14 year old and it's great to see kids looking up to people that changed the world rather than kick a football around or sing a few songs. The service from SignedByWoz was exceptional, with the items arriving super fast and packaged extremely well. All that plus excellent advice on meeting Steve himself when he was here in London. thanks a million!

Alan from the United Kingdom - 10/11

The best service I have ever had!!!! Thank You for the super quick shipping!!!

Brent from Illinois - 10/11

My fiancee is a huge Woz fan and he's going to be very excited to own this baseball. We both thought it was pretty hysterical to have a signed baseball by Woz. Who wouldn't want one? Shipping was super fast and the item was packaged with care. Two thumbs up!!

Laura from New Jersey - 10/11

I'm a fan of Steve as a child, and I was very happy to receive the signed disk that I will hold onto forever. Thanks Woz!

Roque from Brazil - 10/11

I received a autographed signed Apple I Operation Manual in 3 days. I am so happy to have a piece of history. Thanks Steve and SignedByWoz.com :-)

Juan from Nevada - 10/11

I ordered a signed floppy disk and a signed iWoz book, and what can I say, the quality of the service leaves many internet shops far behind. Highly protecting packaging, very fast shipping, great communication and feedback. I'm sure will order some more memorabilia in the future.

V from Israel - 10/11

I received the signed iWoz book! Great! The book arrived with a certificate of authenticity. Thanks to SignedByWoz.com and to Mr. Wozniak. Think different!

Tommaso from Italy - 10/11

Thank you so much for the personalized, signed book by Steve Wozniak. Shipping was very quick and the package was very well protected. As a retro computer collector this is a great item to have.

Angelo from The Netherlands - 10/11

Our photos of Steve and Woz signed by Woz arrived quickly in Italy accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. We just started to read iWoz the "inside" first hand memories book about the Apple's birth. Our purchase was our way to pay respect to the guys who introduced to the world the concepts and the benefits of "Personal Computers" and also to maintain a fresh memory to Steve who just passed away. Many thanks to Steve Wozniak and SignedByWoz.com for their excellent service.

Adrian & Lorenzo from Italy - 10/11

Wow! A very fast delivery. In only five working days half way round the world. Excellent product, great customer service. Thank you very much!

Bernd from Germany - 10/11

I'm really glad to have received the the iWoz book, Apple 1 Manual and Schematic, I'm a fan of Steve Wozniak and Apple 1. So a Dream come true!

Matteo from Italy - 10/11

I appreciate the promptness of response and the ease with which I could interact with SignedByWoz.com in getting my memorabilia. It arrived safe and sound and in great shape. Keep up the good work.

Vishal from Seattle - 10/11

I received the signed iWoz book and I love it! Owning a signed book by the genius and icon Steve Wozniak is a dream come true! Thanks for being a prompt and professional seller. I would surely purchase from you again.

Harry from California - 10/11

My Apple II schematic signed by Woz arrived in perfect condition within a few days of ordering. What a perfect gift for my techie son!

Janet from New York - 10/11

I have just received my iWoz book here in Scotland, just a week after ordering it. The book was incredibly well protected. (It felt like a game of pass the parcel, just to get to it!) The personal, unexpected touches of including an authentication certificate and a post it note to e-mail you when I received it, indicate the highest level of customer care. Fantastic book. Brilliant service. Highly recommended.

Brian from Scotland - 10/11

Received "iWoz" in the mail today, and I am very excited to read it! I have always found his story and technical genius to be a genuine inspiration. The book arrived fast and it's packaging ensured pristine condition upon arrival.

Jason from Arizona - 10/11

My items were shipped and arrived quickly. Everything was carefully packaged and arrived in pristine condition. Outstanding!

Garret from California - 10/11

I ordered two items (a photo and a schematic of the Apple I computer) as gifts and I couldn't be more pleased! Both are such unique items and to have them signed by Woz makes them even more special! Thanks to the SignedByWoz.com team for a great experience - I'll be back for more.

Valerie from Pennsylvania - 10/11

My Woz signed photos arrived in perfect condition in only days. The certificate of authenticity was a GREAT touch! As long time Woz fans my family and I will treasure the photos for many years to come. It's great to have something so personal from such a legend. Generations from now students will read about Woz's contributions to computing and how his technical creativity and genius allowed those of us who don't know a circuit board from our elbows to participate in the productivity, connectivity and fun computers provide. Someday I hope my signed Woz photo will be treasured by my grandchildren and their children as well - and I promise they will know the historic significance of the man who signed them. Thank you for the opportunity to have this connection with such an innovator as Mr. Wozniak!

Jim from Pennsylvania - 10/11

I was surprised to get my order of iWoz in such short time and the package was so well protected (a little over protected) - I know this is memorable with Woz's signature. We lost a great Steve and just wish the other Steve live well. I love both Steve so much! Thank you again for your service!

Jici from California - 10/11

My signed photo of Steve and Woz arrived quickly and with a certificate of authenticity. Very impressed with packaging and level of care taken to ensure the photo arrived unharmed. Thanks so much, I'm so happy with my purchase. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

E from Australia - 10/11

In regards to the Apple I schematic signed by Woz that I ordered, I was very pleased with how quickly I received it. It was in perfect condition and I think this will make a very unique gift.

Maribeth from Georgia - 10/11

I was very impressed with the speed and obvious care which was taken to protect the signed photos, Apple II manual and not least the mouse. The pride and care taken to create and deliver each of the items is very typical of the great man's high standards. Both I, and no doubt, future generations will enjoy these wonderful symbols of an important era in world history. Their true value has yet to be discovered.

Nicholas from Australia - 10/11

Received my photo signed by Woz in the mail today. It was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. Very Happy!

Brian from Australia - 10/11

Thanks for the great turn around - especially fast for an autographed copy! Your packaging was especially impressive, I don't think anything would have damaged the book ;) Can't wait to get started on iWoz!

Chris from Denver - 10/11

Excellent purchase! I got a signed and personalized copy of the iWoz book so quickly! Don't hesitate to buy anything on this website you won't be disappointed ! Great communication too. I want to thank Steve and SignedByWoz.com for their kindness.

Jean-Christophe from France - 10/11

I recently received my floppy disk which arrived in perfect condition and looks amazing. It is proudly displayed in my office. Mr. Wozniak is a true American inventor and to have something signed by him is like having my own piece of computer history. Thank you so much for the excellent service and thanks to Mr. Wozniak.

Kurt from Florida - 10/11

Wow. I've just received my Apple-1 Operation Manual and my copy of iWoz. I am very pleased with the service which is very personal, and so thankful for the chance of having this kind of memorabilia so easily and even cheap. So satisfied, strongly recommended!!

Gus from Spain - 10/11

I ordered the original Apple Logo Stickers signed by Woz. I live in Spain, and i was amazed at how fast and well packaged the item arrived. The emotional aspect of having something signed by a living legend like Woz really gives this item a special added value to me. All this at a VERY REASONABLE price. Thank you!!!

Freddy from Spain - 10/11

Having grown up with hobby computers, I vividly remember the Apple II coming into my house. I was 6 or 7 and it must have been one of the only computers in my hometown at the time. Since then I have moved on from a Commodore64 to Sega, Atari and Nintendo game consoles and of course to PC's. Since a few years now, I work for a fashion brand and all the designers there use Macbooks, Powerbooks and iMacs. My love for the Apple computer flamed up again inside me, so I started reading up on the old days of computing (when we were still proudly named 'nerds' for knowing how to program a sprite). I was very pleased to find that Steve Wozniak had a website on which you can buy his book. After having contacted SignedByWoz.com (greattttttt service, fasttttt reply) for purchasing a book, I asked them if Woz could dedicate it to me while I also purchased a signed schematic. This morning everything arrived in MINT state. I capitalized "mint" as mail hardly ever arrives in a reasonable condition in France. My son and I opened the USPS mailing box, where we were pleased to find both items wrapped up in a total of 8 packaging (bubble) papers. WOW, these items looked like they actually handed them to me personally !! What more can I ask? Very pleased, I will have the schematic framed and the book will be fully read in 48hrs.

Joris from France - 10/11

Just got the book in the mail today. It was shipped with care and came really quickly. Sometimes custom signed items (like this) take some time. Thanks again for the great service!

Vincent from Pennsylvania - 10/11

I've been wanting to read iWoz for some time and to receive a copy signed by its iconic author is a rare treat indeed. SignedByWoz.com did an excellent job of facilitating this and their level of professionalism is top-notch.

J from California - 10/11

Thank you for making it simple and easy to get an amazing piece of technology memorabilia signed via the mail-in service; I am happy to have a signed object that relates to me personally. Just like everything associated with Apple, my experience was flawless and incredible. Highly recommended! 5 Stars!

Sam from Minneapolis - 10/11

I had a great consumer experience with SignedByWoz. Thanks to these guys, my Apple II+ motherboard is now signed by Mr. Wozniak. Communication was great throughout the process, and everything happened quickly and efficiently. My board was handled with great care and respect...I think it came back to me packed even better than I had packed it myself! I highly recommend this company if you are interested in any of its products or services.

Fraser from California - 10/11

I ordered the Apple II manual and Apple I schematic as gifts to give to my husband, who is an IT Director. He was thrilled to receive Apple items signed by Woz himself. As a customer, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The items were packaged beautifully and with care, arriving in perfect condition. The turnaround time was unbelievably quick. I will definitely be back to buy more Signed By Woz memorabilia in the future.

Courtney from Kentucky - 10/11

I am very pleased with my purchase! I ordered iWoz and was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it well packaged, but the hardcover came with a plastic wrapping over the cover to protect it. This is something I will treasure for years to come! Someday when my kids are older, I hope to talk to them about the origins of personal computing and Steve Wozniak and his book will be a highlight of that lesson. Thank you, Woz and SignedByWoz.com!

Jonathan from Ohio - 10/11

Wonderful experience! Incredible to get historical artifacts from a true icon at such unbelievable prices. Woz has been a cultural touchstone for me for decades, how incredible that he's willing to sign these items for us and allow them to be made available. An awesome experience-fast shipping and great personal service.

Darcy from California - 10/11

Thanks for the well-packaged red floppy diskette signed by Woz! As a 30-year computer professional, I have a high regard for Steve Wozniak. I was impressed by the variety of items available signed by the Woz himself, and at pretty decent prices.

Martin from Tennessee - 10/11

The signed photo framed beautifully and is a great conversation piece. It arrived quickly and was packaged very well. SignedByWoz.com really cares about service!

LCM from California - 10/11

Woz's book is a great read for anyone interested in the early history of Apple or the advancement in technology in general. Despite leaving Apple, Woz never lost interest in technology and has kept up with it. SignedByWoz.com is the best place to get a signed edition of iWoz.

Eric from Virginia - 10/11

I would just like to say what a great experience I had with ordering my item from beginning to end. Acknowledgment of receipt of my order, speedy delivery and follow-up confirmation of receipt. and the item was what I expected to receive. I truly appreciate the high quality of service and professionalism that was provided. Thanks once again as Excellence begins and ends with Great Service - KUDOS to you and your team!

Andrea from New Jersey - 10/11

I discovered Woz's autobiography a few days ago and was delighted by his brilliance and his enthusiasm for life. Now, thanks to SignedByWoz.com, I'm able to keep a little piece of Woz in my office to inspire me, and to remind me to keep life fun. Thanks so much!

Don from Irvine - 10/11

Without a doubt this was the best shopping experience I have had from a website. Floppy disk is a reminder to what was, in the old days, the best technology could offer. Thanks Woz for giving the world the first Apple Computer.

Tony from Australia - 10/11

An amazing book!! Berkeley in the early 70's, the US Festivals, brought back great memories. The real story of Woz's adventures leading up to the Apple computer and beyond, to the still "thinking different" Woz we have today. Remarkable journey! Thanks Woz for allowing me to share a piece of that journey. Keep on dancing with the stars!

Jack from California - 10/11

Great web site, very fast delivery to Italy.Woz beautiful objects and memorabilia at great price.

Mauro from Italy - 9/11

Great service, great communications and ultra fast delivery from the USA to Scotland. Delighted with the disk.

Jim from Scotland - 9/11

I order the signed Apple 1 schematic from SignedByWoz.com. It is exactly as advertised. Of course, what was advertised was nerd nirvana. We all know that it was the Apple II that blew the lid off computing but everything has to start somewhere. Once framed this is going to look so sweet hanging on my wall. The best feature of SignedByWoz.com was the fast shipping. I ordered and within a matter of days I had schematic. A flawless transaction. I have nothing but glowing reviews for SignedByWoz.com. WOZ IS GOD!

Steve from New York - 8/11

What do you get an Apple fan as a present on the 40th birthday? A signed biography by Woz of course! Never thought it would be possible to get a signed book with a personal message on short notice. The shipping was upgraded to express and I got the book almost two weeks before the big day. Big thanks to SignedByWoz.com for the great service and of course to the Woz himself!

Christofer from Sweden - 8/11

Customer service and the turn around time from payment to having a copy of the iWoz book in my hands was amazing! Not only did they have a sentence that I requested added to the autograph and care about my needs, but they protected the book in shipping like no other. I am very pleased with my purchase and will not only tell others about them, but will purchase more! Thanks Again!

Salar from North Carolina - 8/11

I am very pleased with the personal service and fast communication. This service has turned a normal book into a gift treasured for a life time.

Ayron from Minnesota - 8/11

What can I add that hasn't already been said about 'SignedByWoz.com' AAA+++ Fast, friendly and professional service. Why go to eBay and take a chance on a fake when you can buy a piece of history at a reasonable price from the man directly!?

Dale from Brazil - 8/11

Thanks again Mr. Wozniak and team for a wonderful transaction. This is the second time that I have used SignedByWoz.com. I have been "Wowed" a second time. The response is very timely and every element is answered to make certain your to top satisfaction. I would not vacillate for a moment to use SignedByWoz.com.

John from Pennsylvania - 8/11

Not only can you quickly receive an authentic autograph by one of the innovators of our time, but you also get awesome customer service that is second to none! I can't wait to find more items to send in to get signed!

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It's amazing that you could own products authentically signed, and sometimes personalized, by one of Apple's co-founders at a really low price. The customer service was absolutely superb. When I would write a message to them, I'd receive a detailed reply within just minutes. For the customer service alone, I would come back to this website and order more items. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer support, and expect me to buy again soon!

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It's so wonderful to have a piece of history with an autograph from one of the true visionaries in technology and one of the greatest minds of our times. Thank you so much "SignedByWoz.com" staff and Mr. Wozniak for making the dream of this geek come true!

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I received great service for a wonderful product. It was fantastic and very smooth transactions. 100% wonderful. Thank you so much Mr. Wozniak and the SignedByWoz.com staff!

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When dreams come true ... I received my photos of #1 and #2 (good quality) very quickly, shipping to France was very fast .. I've sent several emails, each time the staff was so nice and helpful when they answered me back! Many thanks from France to Steve and everyone at SignedByWoz.com.

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Let me say that the SignedByWoz.com site is at the top of my list for coolest site on the web. I have both the "iWOZ" autobiography and the Apple I schematic, both authentically signed by the great Woz himself. I feel like a kid having these on display in my "man cave"!!! I cannot begin to express the influence the early Apple II had on me during my teenage years back in the early 1980's. Woz's design of the original Apples had a magical aspect to them that is hard to put in words. That computer was what got me hooked on what was to become my life career choice. Today as a design engineer working on NASA and spacecraft systems, I can still see the Apple II influence in everything I do. Thank you SignedByWoz.com for keeping the magic alive!!!

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I have just received my floppy disk signed by Woz. Shipping was less than a week from ordering to taking delivery. Fantastic service! Secure packaging provided great protection and the piece arrived in perfect condition, including a hand written thank you note from the sender. Many thanks to Woz and SignedByWoz for a fast and friendly service!

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Jim from Michigan - 4/11

Thanks for the very prompt delivery of my securely packaged WOZ signed photo of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, I now have a piece of history hanging in my office wall. It will provide inspiration for both myself and my colleagues. Thanks for making this available.

Dave from Louisiana - 3/11

Woz is the man. He is genius that needs more credit for starting the computing revolution. I am so excited to have an Apple I schematic signed by the man himself on my wall. It's done on good, quality paper and is worth every penny and more. The service shipped my schematic quickly and well packaged! :-)

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A good way to start the 2011: an apple I schematic and the book iWoz, and all signed by Woz. Thanks to Mr. Wozniak for this opportunity and to SignedByWoz.com for her kindness and professionalism. Thanks :)

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I am very glad to have the mouse pad signed by the founder of Apple, Steve Wozniac. Shipping was very fast and the product is fantastic. Thank you very much!

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A dream come true, a mouse signed by Woz!! ... Many thanks to Heidi (very nice person) and to Woz for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks and greetings from Italy!

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This website is remarkable: very responsive, my personalized book was well packaged with no less than 5 layers(!) so that it was in perfect condition. SignedByWoz.com offers an opportunity for the fans to get their hands on this wonderful book. I'd recommend SignedByWoz for any Apple's fanboys or even people who want to learn more about this genius called Woz. I was really surprised by the professionalism and the seriousness of Heidi and no wonder why Woz trusted her!

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Any engineer or computer scientist can recognize the coolness of having the keystone to the history of personal computing - in their office and signed by it's creator - The Woz! I support Apple Servers and Clients on a daily basis, and this is an excellent addition to the theme in my office. The staff at SignedByWoz.com provides excellent service and communication.

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I really appreciate the great service and the wonderful product I received. My son was thrilled with the signed Apple 1 Schematic. It was so nice to have such rapid and personal attention. I highly recommend your site to others. Thank you so much.

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I couldn't be more happy with my personalized iWoz book. Customer service was stellar and delivery was expeditious. I've already recommended this site to my friends. It is going to be THE present to beat this season. Thanks So Much!

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Thanks SignedbyWoz.com, quickly received my signed photo of the man, the myth, the legend Steve Wozniak who started the digital revolution.

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So just so we're clear on this...Saturday I get home from a night on the town and decide to order the disk. It's quite reasonably priced and is the perfect gift for my friend, Stanton (don't tell him, if you know him). I received a confirmation email within a day and a follow-up email informing me the package will arrive on Wednesday. To be completely honest, I thought I'd probably get it on Friday or Saturday...Monday after the long weekend at the latest. When that doorbell rang this afternoon I nearly leapt out of my seat and bolted for the door.

Yes I'm a bit CRAZY for the Woz & his loyal fans. www.SignedByWoz.com is a great organization & should be supported. It's obviously run well and with a human touch. Did I mention there was a hand-written thank you note enclosed in my packaging? So cool. Thanks for your effort & care.

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Nick from New Zealand - 10/10

I bought a copy of the "iWoz" autobiography on Sept. 20th and less than two weeks later, on Oct. 2nd, it arrived with a personalized dedication from Woz himself and a certificate of authenticity. SignedByWoz.com was fast, professional, and helpful. I couldn't be happier. Thanks!

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I have just received my signed hardback version of 'iWoz'. My Dad (in the UK) ordered it for me for my birthday present; I'm really looking forward to reading it. I have been an Apple fan for many years and was fascinated reading Steve Jobs biography; so I'm looking forward to seeing how Steve Wozniak saw everything back in the early days of Apple. Many thanks to Steve for taking the time to sign books and sell them for a very reasonable price to his fans worldwide.

Christian from Japan - 6/10

I navigated my way to www.SignedByWoz.com almost by accident, yet discovered a great place featuring fun and interesting bits of San Francisco Bay Area history. My order was processed quickly, shipped quickly, and arrived in perfect condition! Aside from that, where else can you find Dancing with the Woz memorabilia?

Derek from California - 5/10

The Woz is with me in every click!

Marc from California - 5/10

There's nothing else to say but "WOW!!!" to SignedByWoz.com. Mr. Wozniak graciously signed a photo and the front panel of my Apple computer. His team promptly gave me feedback as to when Mr. Wozniak received those materials and when they were shipped back to me. And I was impressed with how carefully the photo and computer panel were packaged in the box when I opened it. So, the service and products are top-notch. I am truly happy with my purchase and I would not hesitate to use SignedByWoz.com again in the future! Thanks again, guys!

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Ashot from Italy - 5/10

Great communication and willingness to help. The packing was really well done and they did a great job of protecting everything. Thanks, SignedByWoz.com - I love my personalized photo!

Devin from Nebraska - 4/10

I was impressed with the fast response to my initial email and follow-up questions. It's great to correspond with a person instead of an automated reply program. It really felt like I was dealing with an extension of Woz himself, complete with his passion and integrity. And the books come with a plastic outer sleeve that protects them better than books you buy anywhere else.

Sandy from California - 4/10

If "SignedByWoz" was a stock, I would say, "Definitely Buy!" Amazon could take a lesson on packaging as my book arrived in pristine condition. Thank you Heidi and your staff for not only great customer service, but prompt delivery!!!

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AmyLynn from Australia - 3/10

Thank you so much for the great signed photo! I appreciate the professional service, confirmation emails, careful packaging and prompt shipment. Please also extend my thanks to Woz. I think it is great that he is supporting your small business. I wish you much success!

Steve from New Jersey - 3/10

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SignedByWoz.com is by far the best way to get access to memorabilia signed by Woz if you're unable to meet the great man in person. The shipping took only a week which is by far the fastest I've had for transatlantic shipping and the packaging was second to none. On top of that Heidi (the proprietor of the site) is a pleasure to speak to. I cannot recommend this website enough!

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Mike from Nevada - 2/10

100% satisfied!!!! Great site, great items, great service. Everything listed was just as you would expect. I will definitely do business with you again!

Edward from Illinois - 2/10

Extremely pleased, as a major Woz fan. The Museum is grateful to have this opportunity to add a few more actual historical reminders to the collection, actually signed by Steve personally. Thanks for making that possible! Very good experiences, over several years.

Curator for the cpmuseum Pennsylvania - 2/10

Thanks for the great service; iWoz is a wonderful book and it was delivered quickly with a very legible autograph (and a cool certificate of authenticity). The book arrived in perfect condition thanks to your packaging which is the best I've ever seen!

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Great packaging and very fast shipping, it was a pleasure to buy a product by Woz!

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We're very pleased with the signed hardback copy of iWoz we received today. Our son is a big Steve Wozniak fan, and we know he will love receiving this personalized book for his birthday. Thanks for your excellent customer service with a personal touch!

Terry & Nancy from Idaho - 12/09

I have been a huge fan of Apple and its products since I got my first Apple IIe in 1985 (my brother and I pooled our paper route money earned over a year to buy the computer, dual disk drive and color monitor and we were elated) and have always thought of them as beautiful and innovative products. When I found the opportunity to have a signed photo of the computer that started it all by the Woz I had to have it. The photo of the Apple I with the caption "Think Different" will be hanging in my office for many years to come as an inspiration for me to always strive to achieve something better and innovative in my work. I am very pleased with the photo and the quality of service at SingedByWoz.com. Thank you!

John from New Jersey - 11/09

Thank you very much! Items were packed with great care and arrived in perfect condition. Schematic and manual are printed really well and the paper used is beautiful, no compromise. Pictures are good quality, better than they look on the website! Thanks again and keep up the great work!!!

Alessandro from Italy - 10/09

The Apple I Operation Manual signed by Woz arrived quickly in a carefully crafted package. SignedByWoz.com is so nice and helpful. I definitely had a great shopping experience. Moreover, SignedByWoz.com is one of a kind website. So great to have this for Apple fans. The document was in mint condition, and a must have for any fan of Steve Wozniak, the genius behind Apple. The Apple I Operation Manual is now in a frame, right above my desk. I will most likely by more stuff from SignedByWoz.com because I'm such a huge Apple fan!

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The book is great and it arrived well packed and in perfect condition. Great customer service. Thank you! Thanks again for such a quick shipping.

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The item is great, looks like an authentic replica of the Apple 1 Manual and it was very well packed. I am very satisfied. Thanks!

Janez from Slovenia - 8/09

Great Packaging and quick delivery! I'm looking forward to finally reading iWoz.

Steve from Nebraska - 8/09

Great photo of Ms. Smirnoff and Mr. Wozniak, I love your products. Thank You so much. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Stephanie from Ohio - 8/09

I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to purchase this signed schematic... it's a piece of history that I'll share with my grandkids someday. ... By the way, the shipping packaging was supreme and the signed schematic looks great. Thanks!

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I received my ordered Apple-1 Operation Manual today. The item arrived very quickly and in perfect condiction (the packinging was amazing and 100% secure!). Thanks for shipping it so fast! I'm very happy with the service of signedbywoz.org.

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Rik from the United Kingdom - 5/09

Having had the wonderful opportunity to meet Woz a couple of years ago on his iWoz book tour, as soon as I found out about signedbywoz.com I just had to get myself a signed Apple I schematic! SignedByWoz offer a great service and the item arrived safe and sound in just a couple of days. I'd recommend them wholeheartedly.

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hank you so much! I received a copy of iWoz to give to my husband for his birthday. The SignedByWoz.com service was responsive and rapid, and the book was signed with a personalized birthday note from Woz and carefully packaged. My husband and I will recommend this service to other people.

Sophia from Washington - 4/09

I just received the signed floppy from SignedByWoz.com and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Woz for giving back to the community for all these years. This piece of memorabilia was shipped quickly, package professionally and received in great condition. They even included a hand written note asking for verification of delivery. Great attention to detail!! Thanks again.

Steve from Ohio - 4/09

I received the signed schematic of the Apple I and I am 100% satisfied! All is perfect, this website offers a wonderful service and I will certainly buy another Apple product signed by a great inventor of the 20th century, Steve Wozniak!

Damien from France - 4/09

Quick, simple, cheap and friendly like Woz teaches! Thank you for your service and thank you Woz! Ciao!

Alan from Italy - 3/09

Thank you for providing me with a great book signed and personalized for me by a truly piece of history. He's really a great man and an inspiration for me. Your job is really appreciated! Keep going! Ciao from Italy.

Cristiano from Italy - 3/09

Wow, very fast delivery. I order the iWoz signed book on Thursday and received delivery on Saturday. I have already read the first four chapters. The entire transaction was handled professionally, personally, and quickly. Great job!

William from California - 3/09

The iWoz book was a great gift for Christmas for those that want to travel to the very beginning of the personal computers. The service was excellent and warm even on the other side of the Atlantic! Thanks a lot from Greece!

Ken from Canada - 3/09

My order arrived in perfect condition and I was quite impressed by the way it was packaged. A cardboard box, followed by a Tyvek envelope, another Tyvek envelope, a cardboard envelope and then another Tyvek envelope. It took me 20 minutes to unwrap it but it was worth it. Thanks again!

Aristotelis from Greece - 12/08

My order "a signed Apple I Operation Manual reproduction" was received in perfect condition with a note asking a confirmation by email that the item was received without any problem. The service is perfect and great Apple products are proposed. I recommend this site without hesitation.

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I just received the package with the Apple 1 Schematic signed by Mr. Wozniak and everything was perfect! Excellent! Very good! In the near future I will buy more products from the website SignedByWoz.com. Thank you very much.

Miguel from Spain - 12/08

I just bought today, a signed book of Steve Wozniak from www.SignedByWoz.com - I have to say that I was amazed by the great quality of service that was provided. Let me share some of the points that made this sale a great success for me:

1. I got a "personal" not automatically generated email to inform me that the payment was received and that It was going to be sent within the same day. (this occurs one day after my order, very quick)

2. The package only took one week to arrive

3. The package was to be given by the post office only after I signed the confirmation of receipt. (this is good as it mean that my package will not have been delivered to another person if a mistake occurs)

4. The quality of the packaging was really good multiple "bubble" envelopes within a box, so the book arrive in a perfect condition.

5. The book was signed as expected and also did contain a certificate of the signature.

6. A personal hand written note was in the package, thanking me the purchase and also asking me to confirm that I did receive the package. (It is great to deal with vendors that care about the customer satisfaction, experience)

7. Also wanted to highlight the very correct price, I pay 43$ (shipping + the book) for a piece of history, I am 100% satisfied by it!

Thanks again for your great service and customer awareness. Looking forward to buy other little pieces of history using your wonderful services.

Jeremie from Switzerland - 12/08

I'm amazed with the quality of products that SignedByWoz.com has to offer. Solid packaging, quick shipment and great quality Apple products are their main goal. I would also want to thank Mr Wozniak for his participation in this website.

Mateusz from Poland - 12/08

signedbywoz.com is a fantastic website for all lovers of apple computers, I live in Northern Ireland and recieved my order within a week! I'm sure il be coming back for more signedbywoz goodies! 'Keep it Apple!!!'

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Great idea, great products, great service: friendly, quick and accurate - I strongly recommend www.signedbywoz.com.

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What a great experience buying from signedbywoz.com. I had an email about my order and when to expect it within minutes of buying it. To top it all off the iWOZ book arrived earlier than expected. Thanks for everything!

Patrick from California - 9/08

Loved the schematic, was a great gift. Shipping was super fast and the customer service was great!

Tiffany from Texas - 9/08

Superb packing job, I had a lot of fun unwraping the book! Maybe more fun than reading it, ok just kidding but thanks for making the extra effort with the packaging because the book arrived in perfect shape which is quite a feat considering what the outer box looked like! It looks like the post office used every technique at their disposal to try and crush and mangle the box. The book will have a special place in my collection of old Apple and Macintosh computers! Thanks again!

Kevin from Canada - 9/08

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